About James J. Ward Jr.

    James J. Ward Jr. grew up in a small fishing community on the North Shore of Massachusetts, he like many others in this town, began boating, navigating and fishing at a young age.

    He graduated the University of New Hampshire in 1963 with a B.A. in Business Administration from the Whittemore School of Business. While in school he was active in football and lacrosse.

    After college he continued to fish part time while working as a sales representative of a large manufacturing company.

    In the late 1970's James started his first retail lobster company that became successful quickly. He purchased lobster and fish from all boats in Nahant, all but 3 boats in Swampscott and about 5 boats in Marblehead.

    In the early 1980's he set up sources of supply and customers in a new lobster venture. He then arranged the sale of the company and facilities to a major Canadian company.

    The company that purchased that venture hired him as the US Plant and Marketing Manager. In this position he performed a complete startup to include supervision of all phases of the new business, plant expansion, transportation, staffing, supply, sales, accounting systems and credit. Started to deal heavily in Europe and Asia at this point.

    James was then contracted to build the holding facility for a very large seafood company and to boost sales in Europe.

    With his name and success in the Massachusetts area rapidly growing he was hired by Legal Seafoods, a major Boston restaurant chain, as the General Manager of their lobster company. In this position he expanded the lobster holding systems and built a supplier and customer base.

    He then was contracted to assist another startup company in the Boston area with their business development. He stayed until they were fully operational and he continues to sell lobster to this company to this day.

    As he entered the 1990's, Mr. Ward once again started his own company. He built a highly efficient storage facility and began selling to his clientele. He continued this venture until 1996 when he sold the company to a Canadian wholesaler which kept him on as the plant manager.

    Through the rest of the 1990's he was contracted by several Seafood companies. In these positions he built and expanded holding facilities, introduced these companies to international seafood sales and continued to service his clientele.

    Currently James is working with several producers in the North Eastern United States and Canada on sales and marketing.
  • By working with several companies in different areas he is able to maintain a reliable year round source for seafood in all types and sizes.
  • With the volume he does, he is able to leverage his combined sales to have these producres compete for your business.