Who We Are...

    J.W. Seafood Exports specializes in the wholesale export of North American Live Lobster [Homarus Americanus] worldwide. However we are not limited to lobsters only. Other seafoods that we sell are fresh and frozen fish, Snow Crab, and other shellfish such as shrimp and scallops. We also leverage our 30 years of building lobster holding and packaging facilities to provide consultancy services for both new and well established companies.

Who we are

    We are a father and son team consisting of James J Ward Jr. and James J. Ward III.

How we do it

    We buy from several facilities in both North America and Canada.

Who are our customers

    Restaurants, distributors, small and large companies, function and banquet halls.

What you get

  • Year round reliability
        Our contacts are in multiple fishing areas throughout the north eastern US and Canada.
  • Very competitive prices
        With our extensive contacts we can get the lowest price available.
  • Wide selection of high quality products
        We can get you any North American seafood product you want.
  • Multiple forms of delivery
        Airport pickup, truck, frozen sea container or Fed-Ex delivery.